Since 2015, we've been developing VR software to research speech. It turned out more researchers wanted to use this software! Today, that software is called Research withVR.

Create avatars

Using Research withVR, you can create avatars that look like you, your participant’s teacher, or a stranger! Then, they can practice speaking with them inside virtual reality and better relate it to real life!

Change their expressions

Our avatars contain 72 different face shapes that we blend together to create realistic facial expressions. You can find our library of facial expressions next to the avatar animations and adjust the facial expression of any avatar!

Animate them

Research withVR has a library of animations. Using these animations, you can select the avatar of your choice and animate them in real-time. Animation examples include asking a question, fidgeting, looking around, and more!

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As of 2020, we've been collaborating with 100+ leading speech therapists and researchers from 30 different countries worldwide. Together, we advanced this software for other researchers to benefit.

Total control

Pause your events

Did your participant respond to your events sooner than expected? That's okay. You can pause any event at any moment!

Fast forward to the next event

Participants are also known to speed through what we had planned! No problem, you can also fast forward to the next event you've prepared!

Override events in real-time

In research, we can never be prepared for everything. Using Research withVR, you can override anything inside a situation at any moment!

In 2023, we supported 15 research projects - undergrads, postgrads, Ph.Ds., and more! From Europe to North America to Asia!

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